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Ordering information on samples, colours, special designs, surcharges, shipping

Our shipments are governed exclusively by the terms of delivery and payment ( AGB ) on the basis of the standard-form contract conditions for the plastics processing industry (AGB of KVI).


1. Samples

For each article and version, samples in an appropriate quantity are free of charge (usually 1 - 4 pieces) if there are on stock. Samples of high-value articles and larger sample quantities will be charged.


2. Standard colours and special colours

Please note the information concerning standard colours for product groups and articles.
Special colours (RAL-System) are generally possible but partially connected with substantial expenditure and costs.

Particularly to mention are high purchase costs for smaller quantities of not usual colours, colour adjusting costs, special
production costs and disposal costs of colour remainders. In any case we ask you to request minimum quantities, prices and set up
costs beforehand.

As notion: For special colours of lowest price category or furnished colours a 10% colour surcharge (on list prices) is invoiced. Dependent on minimum quantities and on expenditure setup costs will be charged additionally.

Special colours not corresponding to RAL must be furnished by the purchaser (master batch is favoured). Colour matching to products made in different materials or with different surface structure are technical not practicable.


3. Special items

Orders for special articles of all kind can’t be cancelled during or after production. After break off production by cancelling we charge the produced quantities respective a cost-covering fee.


4. Special requirements

Proof certificates of all kind (DIN/ISO as well), special packing, labels and packing enclosures, as well as individual requirements of the purchaser are not part of our supply schedule and, if at all practicable, will be charged extra.

Depending on order configuration special requirements of the purchaser may result in costs higher than value of parts.


5. Function of parts and components

Requirements for articles from deviating function wishes are to be checked by the customer individually based on samples. We do not assume any warranty for articles that are used for purposes other than intended.

We would like to point out that improvement and changes are made to ancillary features during continuous article maintenance, which we cannot announce via a notification service for cost reasons.

Functional suitability requires proper preparation for installation, i.e., for example, for pipe plugs, proper deburring of the pipes is essential.


6. Commercial goods

Referring our merchandise we have no control of price changes and notification times, no price guarantee can be given in advance.



7. Surcharges - Minimum goods

7.1. Minimum goods value for UK

As of 01.01.2021, a minimum goods value of  200,-- € applies to shipments to the United Kingdom (UK).

7.2. Surcharges for quantities below minimum

For quantities below our lowest scale quantity, we must charge a shortage surcharge or set-up costs, subject to a corresponding quantity in stock and taking into account any minimum production quantities. The shortage surcharge/set-up costs are shown in the article price overview in the column "MMZ" and are automatically added to the respective order item.

7.3. Material surcharges

Some raw materials - particularly stainless steel - are subject to substantial price fluctuations. Since we have not considered higher prices in our calculation, we will have to make any necessary material surcharges separately. These are shown on the order confirmation that you receive separately after internal review of your order.

7.4. Surcharges for shipments/orders below minimum values of goods

For orders / shipments under a net - total value of goods of 60,-- € we have to charge an additional processing fee of 10,-- € . We ask you to consider this when you wish a partial shipment. The minimum value of goods surcharge will be added only with the bill.


8. Transportation information


8.1. Packaging costs

The outer and transport packaging will be determined with picking the consignment. The packing will be charged at cost. In general, we charge 1.60 € / box. Pallets or other means of transport will also be charged separately at cost price.

8.2. Standard shipping methods and costs for export Europe

Up to 2 boxes:
Transport by DPD (German parcel service)

From 3 boxes on:
Transport by forwarder

We draw on a carefully selected pool of forwarders. Each forwarder is selected for the relations where he offers the best possible price/performance ratio for our customers.

8.3. Special shipping methods and costs for export Europe

Express by TNT
Express by DHL
Federal - Express

Forwarder Express delivery

- All prices on request

The freight costs are calculated solely on the gross weight and are shown on the invoice. The shipping insurance is included in these freight rates.



9. Invoice dispatch

The original invoice will only be send by e-mail (PDF) to the login e-mail address. If you wish your invoice to be sent to another e-mail address, please inform us in writing.

Release: 01.08.2022
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