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Lamella plugs for round tubes ("+" = differing standard colours possible)

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  • Polyethylene (PE)
black RAL 9005
signal white RAL 9003
traffic grey A RAL 7042
  • Wall thickness:
  • Lamellar plugs without specification of the pipe wall thickness are generally suitable for pipe wall thicknesses 1.5 - 2 mm. Please indicate the pipe wall thickness when ordering.
  • Application:
  • The plugs are suitable for application in tubes or equivalent apertures with a free inside diameter corresponding to the nominal measures with a depth for at least the length of shaft.
  • Production-related a residual sprue can overlap the length of shaft.
  • Material and design of shafts guaranteed stop against drop out and easy assembling.
  • For use as a glides (conditional shear strength)and to attain an easy assembling in tubes with larger wall thickness, it is recommended to chamfer the inside diameter of the pipe (approx. 0.3 - 0.5 x 60°).
  • Surface:
  • Depending on the selected article, the surface finish can vary between polished and eroded.
  • Ribs:
  • The ribs are circularly closed or interrupted.
  • The ribs are not suitable for sealing against fluids.
  • The number of slats per plug varies between 2-4 slats.
  • Special colours (colours, minimum quantities, set-up costs, pricing and surcharges)
  • With your engraved company logo (tooling costs, minimum quantities, set-up costs)
  • With your tampon printed company logo (set-up costs, minimum quantities, printing costs)
  • Most plugs can also be made of suitable harder TPE's (TPE= thermoplastic elastomer --> extended range of operating temperature, noise absorbing, non-skid).
  • „+“ = differing standard colours possible
  • Your searched size / design is not included? - Please ask our sales team!
  • As a rule, odd pipe outside diameters rounded to a 1/10 mm (as element of article number or order number) are an indication that these sizes originate from the Imperial System or are common there.

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