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Machine feet and feet for various equipment

... for positioning, adjustment, stabilization and vibration damping of machinery, apparatuses and other equipment in the field of machine building, apparatus and equipment construction, food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and for many other industries.

Foot plastic/rubber - thread steel zinc-plated
Foot plastic/rubber - thread stainless steel
Foot plastic - thread plastic
Foot steel/rubber - thread steel zinc-plated
Foot steel - thread steel zinc-plated
Foot stainless steel/rubber - thread stainless steel
Foot stainless steel - thread stainless steel

Adjustment and Levelling Parts

Screw-on feet, spacer feet, octagon feet, apparatus mounts, horizontal stand-off feet, floor levelling feet, floor levelling screws, overhead bracing screws, top end adjusters, spacer feet, felt feet, felt adjusters, casing feet, hinge supported feet, hinge support a djustable feet, device feet, frame feet, threaded plugs, rubber feet, height adjuster, height adjustment feet, adjustable feet, adjusting elements,  adjusting sliders, adjusting plugs, adjustable plates, correction feet, plastic feet, furniture feet, furniture adjustable feet, swivel feet, levelling feet, levelling glides, pedestal feet, screw feet, swiveling feet, hexagonal feet, plinth adjuster, plinth adjuster screws, support feet, round base, adjustable plugs, square feet, ... with fixed / rotatable foot, with / without mounting holes, with ball joint thread ... for placing, positioning and adjustment of furniture, shelving, apparatus and equipment of all kinds

Levelling feet (glides) with fixed or rotatable thread
Levelling feet (glides) with ball joint
Overhead bracing screws

Feet and Glides
... for chairs, tables, couches, shelves, cabinets and frames of all kinds.

Inserts, threaded and adjusting plugs

Plastic inserts / plugs, metal insert / plugs, ribbed insert / plugs, closure plugs, device plugs, framework plugs, protection plugs, sealing end, ball headed plugs, furniture plugs, universal plugs, decorative plastic inserts, threaded plugs, glides, ... for closing of square, round, ocal, elliptical or rectangular tubes and holes of all kinds.angled plastic plugs, angled tube inserts, base inserts, blind plastic inserts, body plugs, bodywork plugs, cap plugs, cap plugs pipes, chair tips, chair tube inserts, cover plugs, decorative plastic inserts, zinc diecaste inserts, felt inserts, felted plastic plugs, flatoval tubing plugs, framework inserts, framework plastic inserts, framework plastic plugs, framework plugs, furniture end plugs, hole facing insert plugs, hole inserts, hole plugs, insert feet, insert fittings, inserts for metal tubing, lamella ribbed ball head inserts, lamella ribbed inserts, lamella ribbed plastic inserts, lamella ribbed plastic plugs, lamella ribbed tubing plugs, metal capped plastic inserts, metal furniture inserts, nylon inserts, office furniture hole inserts, oval plastic metal inserts, pine tree plugs inserts, pipe inserts, pipe plugs, plastic angle inserts, plastic ball inserts, plastic bore plugs, plastic cap inserts, plastic closure inserts, plastic closureing inserts, plastic core plug, plastic covering inserts, plastic desk inserts, plastic device plugs, plastic end inserts, plastic end plugs, plastic hole plugs for wood furniture, plastic insert caps, plastic inserts for chair legs, plastic inserts for square tubing, plastic lamella ribbed plugs, plastic metal desk inserts, plastic metal device inserts, plastic metal office furniture fittings, plastic metal school furniture fittings, plastic metal school furniture inserts, plastic metal tube fittings,plastic metal tube inserts, plastic metal tubing fittings, plastic metal tubular fittings, plastic panel inserts, plastic parts for square tubes, plastic pipe plugs, plastic plate inserts, plastic plugs, plastic plugs for protections, plastic plugs for square tubing, plastic plugs for tube end, plastic plugs for tubes, plastic protection inserts, plastic square tubing plugs, plastic tube fittings, plastic tube inserts, plastic tube plugs, plastic tubing fittings, plastic tubing inserts, plastic tubular fittings, plastic tubular inserts, plastic tubular plugs, plasticmetal device inserts, plastic-metal office furniture inserts, plate inserts, plate plugs, plug fittings, plugs for metal tubing, polyethylene plugs, press fit inserts, protective caps, protective caps components, pull plugs, pvc plug, rectangular tube plug, rectangular tubing plugs, ribbed nylon plugs, ribbed pipe inserts, ribbed plastic plugs, round tube inserts, round tubing inserts, round tubing plugs, sheet metal plugs, snap in plugs, soft plastic hole plugs, special inserts, special plastic plugs, square plastic plug inserts, square tube plastic, square tubing inserts, square tubing plugs, steel inserts, steel tube plugs, tilt inserts, tilted inserts, tilting inserts, tube end inserts, tube end plugs, tube inserts, tube plastic fittings, tube plastic inserts, tubing inserts, tubing plugs, tubular fittings, tubular steel plugs, vinyl hole plugs

Operating elements / Control hardware

Star grips, hand wheels, Three-star grips, star handles, ball knobs, conical knobs with / without thread, glossy / matt with flat or round head, ... Clamping levers with threaded bushes / threaded bolts adjustable / rigid, ... handles, shell handles, folding handles, pipe handles with threaded bushes / threaded bolt, ... closed handles, spoke handwheels, handwheels, ... for various handling functions at consumer and investment goods in areas of mechanical engineering and plant construction, leisure industry, rehabilitation engineering, furniture industry and in many other fields of application.

Divers small parts

Suction pads, harmless plasticiser, Door checks and screw-on buffer feet, concave and convex glass rests and damming buffers, non-slip stoppers, ... spacers / feet for devises and apparatuses, devise feet, self-sealing bumpers, ... rests for racks and framework, oval, square, rectangular and round felt pads, adhesive pads ( elastic and non-slip).

Saction pads
Flexible bumpers and feet

Caps and Ferrules

Caps for round, square and oval tubes, caps with enlarged base, closing caps, end caps, base caps, mast caps, sign mast caps, pylon caps, fencing caps, ball caps, round protection caps, hexagonal protection caps, edge protection caps, transport protection caps, angle caps for profiles, round bolt and nut protection caps

Caps for round tubes / profiles
Caps for square and rectangular tubes / profiles
Caps for oval tubes / profiles

Fence / fencing accessories

... for the protection of fencing tubes, we offer different caps, round-tube caps, sight plugs, square, round, rectangular ribbed plugs, ... Accessories for slanting support caps (such as protective caps made of soft.PVC, washers, hook screw with nut), Bracing wire clamps with metal hook nail or for high loads.

Fence / Fencing caps and accessories
Bracing wire clamps

Cable management, Cable management systems for ergonomically designed furniture

For a professional cable organization, we offer cable chains, cable snakes, cable guides, cable ducts, ... for tables, office furniture, system furniture, ... round, rectangular, elliptical, oval or square in diameter, cable sheaths, cable bridges, ... connection of cable management systems at ceilings, floor and furniture by floor outlets, various covers, floor plates, cable chain distributors, dummy caps, mounting clips, mounting brackets, fastening clips , glass brackets, adapters, fixing chain links, table mountings, universal couplings, mounting angle plate .

Electro accessories

Cable management (cable chains, cable snakes, cable ducts, grommets... (for tables, office furnitures, system furnitures, lamps and lightings, equipments, apparatus, machines...)

Cable guiding and accessories
Cable ducts and grommets
Insulating sleeves and bushes

Joining and fastening elements

90 ° / 180 ° connectors for round and square tubes, ... Extending bushings, screw corner connectors with / without collar for round, rectangular and square tubes, saddle distance sleeves, ... for pipe extensions, roller fasteners on pipes or pipe connections, ...  suitable for the mounting of the rack, right-angled corners, T-pieces, cross with / without outflow for square tubes, ... for fastening plates are suitable hinges, quick fasteners, screw rivets, propellers, plate fasteners, pointed staples, blind rivets, blind nuts.

Washers, spacers and bushes

We offer distance components, spacers, bushings, washers, distance sleeves, nylon bearings, slide bushings and sleeves, bearing bushes, insulating bushings, saddle spacers, saddle washers, conical saddle washers, double-side saddle washers, saddle distance sleeves, saddle screw on buffers,  ... made of polyamide, polyethylene and PVC.

Fittings and saddle washers / spacers
Bearings and Insulating sleeves / bushes


Wheels with elastic thermoplast tread, polyurethane tread, .. with plain bearings or ball bearings.

Wheels for various equipments


Twin wheel castors, ... with hood, wheel brake, ...  container wheels, mounting insert for chipboards, ... furniture sliding rollers for round tube or square tube table legs, ... accessories such as threaded studs, bolts with clamping ring, bolts with groove, screw-on plates.