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Machine feet and feet for various equipment

The category machine feet includes articles made of stainless steel, galvanized steel, plastic / rubber and their combinations.

Foot plastic/rubber - thread steel zinc-plated
Foot plastic/rubber - thread stainless steel
Foot plastic - thread plastic
Foot steel/rubber - thread steel zinc-plated
Foot steel - thread steel zinc-plated
Foot stainless steel/rubber - thread stainless steel
Foot stainless steel - thread stainless steel

Adjustment and Levelling Parts

The range includes articles for setting up and adjusting machines, apparatus and furniture.

Levelling feet (glides) with fixed or rotatable thread
Levelling feet (glides) with ball joint
Overhead bracing screws

Feet and Glides

In this category you will find adjustable feet for screwing, nailing, pressing and clamping for furniture of all kinds and applications.

Inserts, threaded and adjusting plugs

The range includes stoppers in round, square and elliptical shapes. They are produced as lamellar or smooth plugs, made of various plastics or metal.

Operating elements / Control hardware

The category operating elements offers a wide range of articles for the machine and plant construction, leisure industry, rehabilitation technology, furniture industry, etc. … . It includes bow, star and cross handles, gear and ball knobs, clamping levers, handles, wheels and cranks.

Divers small parts

The category small parts contains articles that seem invisible to the viewer, but provide indispensable services. Here you will find buffers and feet, adhesive suckers, adhesive plates made of felt or polyurethane, for buffering cabinet doors, windows and drawers.

Saction pads
Flexible bumpers and feet

Caps and Ferrules

Our caps serve among other things as cover/ closure of e.g. pipe ends. They protect against injury or slipping. They are divided by their shape into angular, round and oval caps.

Caps for round tubes / profiles
Caps for square and rectangular tubes / profiles
Caps for oval tubes / profiles

Fence / fencing accessories

The range includes cover plugs and tension wire holders for mounting and protecting fence elements.

Fence / Fencing caps and accessories
Bracing wire clamps

Cable management, Cable management systems for ergonomically designed furniture

For a professional cable organisation in e.g. office and system houses we offer an extensive range of cable management systems, accessories for fixing / locking on desks, floors and ceilings.

Electro accessories

This category contains articles for cable routing and cable bushing for e.g. office desks.

Cable guiding and accessories
Cable ducts and grommets
Insulating sleeves and bushes

Joining and fastening elements

 The Fasteners category contains connectors for shelf construction, screw-in corner connectors for rectangular, square and round tubes, as well as small parts such as pointed staples, blind rivets and drive pins

Washers, spacers and bushes

 The category spacer elements contains articles for assembly work such as washers, spacers, etc. …

Fittings and saddle washers / spacers
Bearings and Insulating sleeves / bushes


 In the category wheels you will find apparatus wheels with elastic tread and slide/ or ball bearings.

Wheels for various equipments


In the category castors you will find castors for the furniture industry, as well as their accessories such as threaded bolts, clamping ring, etc. …