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Machine feet and feet for various equipment

Foot plastic/rubber - thread steel zinc-plated
Foot plastic/rubber - thread stainless steel
Foot plastic - thread plastic
Foot steel/rubber - thread steel zinc-plated
Foot steel - thread steel zinc-plated
Foot stainless steel/rubber - thread stainless steel
Foot stainless steel - thread stainless steel

Adjustment and Levelling Parts

Levelling feet (glides) with fixed or rotatable thread
Levelling feet (glides) with ball joint
Overhead bracing screws

Feet and Glides

Inserts, threaded and adjusting plugs

Operating elements / Control hardware

Divers small parts

Saction pads
Flexible bumpers and feet

Caps and Ferrules

Caps for round tubes / profiles
Caps for square and rectangular tubes / profiles
Caps for oval tubes / profiles

Fence / fencing accessories

Fence / Fencing caps and accessories
Bracing wire clamps

Cable management, Cable management systems for ergonomically designed furniture

Electro accessories

Cable guiding and accessories
Cable ducts and grommets
Insulating sleeves and bushes

Joining and fastening elements


Washers, spacers and bushes


Fittings and saddle washers / spacers
Bearings and Insulating sleeves / bushes



Wheels for various equipments