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Engineering & Design
An innovative driving force at b-plastic is the close interaction of motivated professionals of the engineering, production engineering and sales-and customer-oriented departments in the projects, the continuous improvement processes and the daily cooperation. So developers and designers, toolmakers and plastics engineers are in a steady contact for knowledge and experience exchange; for example if it comes to manufacturing techniques, manufacturing processes or material selecting.
In this context development is not only the development of e.g. a new product but rather an ongoing, iterative and cross-system process to a “superior” product that includes the product and the entire production process; for the benefit of our customers and all involved in the process.
This continuous teamwork, constant knowledge and experience exchange, combined with modern working tools and continuous training and education, provide a sustained product development and production-orientated improvements in the field of our assortment of technical standard parts. Consistently new products are developed, existing products are enhanced and production techniques are reviewed and improved on broad bases.

  The acquired knowledge and know-how will particularly benefit customer projects where customized products are to be made which are in the core area of our manufacturing techniques. Here we are able to supply key benefits for our customers.

Some technical features of the construction and development department are:

  • State-of-the-art and powerful CAD/CAE – Equipment
    • 2 D and 3 D engineering
      • Filling and dwell pressure simulationSimulationen
      • Photo – realistic rendering
      • Designing and developing of free – form surfaces
      • Kinematics simulation
    • Customized data can be processed by interchange formats (e.g. Step, IGES, SAT, DWG, 3DS, ProE)
    • Output of tool/mould data can be directly processed by the CAM – System of the mould making dpt./toolroom

When requested prototypes from established prototyping can be supplied
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In Focus
Our surprisingly wide range of furniture glides 

We‘re often asked which of the parts we produce are the most interesting.
Naturally, all our products pass through our internal process chain and are manufactured with the same care and attention to detail. We insist on top quality – from purchasing and production to goods out.


Cabel Management / Cabel Organizer

The professional cabel – organizer – system for ergonomically, high quality designed  office – environment.

  • high level of innovation
  • maximum functionality
  • professional design
  • unlimited application possibilities
  • wide range of accessories

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