Customer service

Your satisfaction as our customer is our goal!

We in customer service at b-plastic are aware that a continuous improvement process is necessary to achieve this goal in a sustainable way. And the basis of a continuous improvement process is partnership-based and open communication between all those involved in the process.

As a new customer, you will be connected with your personal contact person in our internal sales department. This person is responsible for the sales area of your company. From this point on, your contact person will advise you continuously and competently on all questions relating to our products and services. He or she will support you from the quotation phase to complete order processing.

In order to fulfil these tasks to your satisfaction, your account manager is supported in his work by a highly integrated, professional and powerful information system and is at the same time closely networked with the other departments of our company via this system.

This means that all customer-relevant data and processes are in one hand. They ensure high performance until your order is fulfilled and guarantee the necessary transparency in all work processes. And you can be sure that you will receive competent information should you have any questions about your processes.

In addition to your contact person, we provide you with a personal corporate customer account in our B2B shop. You can use this account to find out about our services, your conditions at b-plastic and your transactions at any time. If you are already a customer with us and do not yet have access to this account, please contact your account manager to activate it. If you are a new corporate customer, you are welcome to set up your personal account yourself via the online registration without having to contact us first.

As already mentioned: Your satisfaction is our goal!

And in the continuous improvement of our services, we are always open to your constructive criticism, suggestions and proposals in order to fulfil the goal in terms of a sustainable partnership between you as a customer and us as a provider.

We look forward to working with you!