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Furniture glides in Focus
Our surprisingly wide range of furniture glides

We‘re often asked which of the parts we produce are the most interesting.
Naturally, all our products pass through our internal process chain and are manufactured with the same care and attention to detail. We insist on top quality – from purchasing and production to goods out.
But we‘re particularly proud of our range of furniture glides, which combine technical innovation with a product diversity unique on the market. You‘ll find our furniture glides in all types of seating furniture and in almost every area of use. From four-legged chairs for offices and canteens to stackable and connectable chairs for events and skid-frame and cantilever chairs for use in care settings and elsewhere.
Our highly robust, patented GGx 2000 adjustable tilt glides are available with plastic, stainless steel, felt, soundproofing PTFE or non-slip „slide bases“, depending on customer wishes or intended area of use. They are available in around 30 different sizes and tube wall thicknesses.
This comprehensive modular product range is supported by an innovative production and assembly system which enables fast, flexible delivery.
  A great choice for skid-frame and cantilever chairs, offering a similar range of sizes and surfaces, is the sleek and visually less prominent KKSGx clamping (snap on) saddle foot. Adjacent you‘ll find a small sample of our furniture glide product range and a link to our product information “Suitable furniture glides for various floors”.

KKSGUG clamping (snap on) saddle feet

  • Good gliding ability due to PTFE slide base
  • Very good soundproofing
  • For 24-35 mm tube diameters
  • Alternative slide bases available

UGS universal glides

  • Good gliding ability due to PTFE slide base
  • Very good soundproofi ng
  • 19-60 mm diameters
  • Alternative mounting options available

OGK2/F oval angle slide caps

  • For ends of traverses
  • Good soundproofi ng due to felt slide base
  • Made of heavy-duty polyamide
  • For all standard tube diameters
  • Alternatives for round tubes also available

MGS furniture glides

  • Non-slip due to TPE-V gliding base ring
  • For 50 mm tube diameters (especially upholstered furniture)
  • Other tube diameters available on demand

GGF 2000 tilt glides

  • Patented design with high durability
  • Minimum fl oor scratching
  • Good soundproofi ng due to felt slide base
  • Suitable for jointless or tightly-joined fl oors
  • 25-30 mm foot diameters
  • For 16-28 mm tube diameters
  • Alternative slide bases available
  • Other product variants on demand