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Production & Assembling
Injection Moulding
In this process, networked information and materials are combined. The idea becomes a product.

Here it is decided that everything was done correctly. Here it is decided whether all the parameters previously defined properly and in the optimal combination have been coordinated. And indeed, with the effect that product quality, productivity and process reliability are assured of the highest sustainable level.

This effect is achieved at b-plastic with the best possible coordinated production systems, through highly qualified staff and a high degree of automation. Thus, e.g. moulding technique and injection moulding systems are combined in such way that maximum efficiency is achieved at the injection moulding process.

All injection units of different size and configuration are networked to a central PDA and PPS system and are controlled by these systems. A fully automated material handling system ensures the production process for exactly the right amount of plastic granules, which requires the respective injection molding machine for their current production order. The production is performed in a two-or three-shift system.


One form of further processing at b-plastic is the assembly of semi-finished products made ​​of plastic, metal and other materials. The assembly process and the degree of automation are based on the final product and the production volume.

To ensure the best possible flexibility in the assembly technology and to be able to realize and use additional potential the assembly machines are be developed, designed and manufactured in-house from the beginning on. All automatic units are equipped with advanced control and process technology.
This method also enables us to react more flexibly to customer requests; e.g. if it is required to modify  products from our standard range.

Some features of the production and assembly departments at a glance:

  • State-of-the-art CNC – injection moulding machines with clamping force from 350 up to 1000 KN ( optionally up to 2.000 KN)
  • All injection moulding machines are provided by an automatic material loading system.
  • All injection moulding machines are connected with a PDA – System and a graphic control panel
  • For injection moulding with item weights from 0,5 up to 475 g (optionally up to 1.100 g) and with mould parting surfaces up to 240 cm² (optionally up to 600 cm²)
  • Robotic systems for the collection of materials during injection moulding process
  • Production of hybrid products (e.g. metal or felt) by injection moulding
  • Semi-or fully automated assembly of components (plastic and hybrid) on in-house developed and manufactured automatic assembly machines
  • Pad printing (with partners)
  • Electroplating (with partners)
  • Special packaging (in-house or with partners)
  • Galvanische Beschichtung (bei externen Partnern)
  • Diverse subsequent works

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In Focus
Our surprisingly wide range of furniture glides 

We‘re often asked which of the parts we produce are the most interesting.
Naturally, all our products pass through our internal process chain and are manufactured with the same care and attention to detail. We insist on top quality – from purchasing and production to goods out.


Cabel Management / Cabel Organizer

The professional cabel – organizer – system for ergonomically, high quality designed  office – environment.

  • high level of innovation
  • maximum functionality
  • professional design
  • unlimited application possibilities
  • wide range of accessories

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