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Products made of engineering plastics, metals and hybrids
b-plastic is your powerful partner for engineering plastics, metal and hybrid products.
Our numerously quality-assured products are processed worldwide in a wide range of applications and in many different industries, thereby assume a variety of tasks and functions, and often meet the highest standards.
Below we have listed some of the functions and features of our products. Often several of these functions are simultaneously combined in one product.

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Our cross-industry catalog range of technical standard parts is constantly expanding through our own innovations and the careful selection of products of our strategic partners. Quality and customer orientation and satisfaction are our top priority.
In addition to the standard range, we manufacture customized products which are in the field of our core  production techniques. Our highly motivated staff and in-house departments such as development / design, mould making and engineering, injection molding and assembly guarantee our customers a consistent quality and comprehensive service from design to logistics.

Walter Bethke GmbH & Co. KG
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D-41181 Mönchengladbach

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In Focus
Our surprisingly wide range of furniture glides 

We‘re often asked which of the parts we produce are the most interesting.
Naturally, all our products pass through our internal process chain and are manufactured with the same care and attention to detail. We insist on top quality – from purchasing and production to goods out.


Cabel Management / Cabel Organizer

The professional cabel – organizer – system for ergonomically, high quality designed  office – environment.

  • high level of innovation
  • maximum functionality
  • professional design
  • unlimited application possibilities
  • wide range of accessories

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