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Sales Campaigns
In the section "sales campaigns" we offer at irregular intervals remaining stocks, special items, machines and factory equipment from our own inventory. Please note in this context our notes “sales campaigns" 
The machines are usually first-hand injection molding machines, injection molding peripherals and machine tools, exclusively from our own production and in a good maintenance condition.

Arburg injection molding machines (every 2-3 years up to 5 machines per year) - next campaign 2017:

  • Clamping force range 35-100 t / CN 350-1000
  • about 10 years young
  • two shifts
  • processed materials:
    • PE, PP unforced PA 6 reinforced and unreinforced PVC-P
  Machine tools:

  • Machine types:
    • CNC turning machines, CNC milling machines and CNC electrical discharge machines [EDM's]
  • 10 – 30 years young
  • 1 shift

Latest offers:

Nassovia CNC - Electric Discharge Machine
Eine bedingt einsatzbereite Senkerodiermaschine vom Typ Nassovia  Optimat FE 505