Rectangular cable chain (2 borders with radius) for horizontal and vertical cable ducting (length: uncompressed appr. 100 cm / compressed appr. 69 cm)

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  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Flexible cable ducting system for horizontal and vertical cable ducting.
  • Any assembly with fixing elements "KBKCLZ1" or "KBKZ8S".
  • Chain links arranged displaceable to each other
  • 2 connectors for optimal force transmission, especially torque, pressure- and transverse forces
  • Three-chamber-system for separating data- and power cables
  • Extended or pushed together, rigid laying of the cable routing chain especially suitable for wall, furniture, under-table and ceiling mounting.
  • The pushed together, rigid installation of the cable guide chain is conditionally suitable for low-traffic passage areas.
  • Tool-free connection to all traded floor outlets by using "KBKZ10S / Clip-S Floor (CL+ FLII)".
  • Tool-free and time saving installation of cables by zipper principle.
  • Optimized possibility for lateral squeeze-proof unthreading of the cables.
  • 3-D movable and approx. 25 % lengthwise flexible
  • Tool-free branching through distributors
  • Compatible with cable chain "KBKPRO", "KBKCUB", "KBKCMX" and "KBKFLII" (intermateable).
  • Compatible with KBK Bridge
  • Extensive range of adapters

Short time loads up to 70 kg for 5 chain elements at 20 °C room temperature

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